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Acrylic diamond polishing machine.
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Brief introduction of acrylic diamond polishing machine

Acrylic diamond polishing machine is divided into vertical acrylic diamond polishing machinewith horizontal acrylic diamond polishing machine, polishing machine polishing diamonds can be vertical with horizontal plane inclined, acrylic diamond polishing machine can be cast withinclined plane.

Vertical acrylic diamond polishing the product angular, transparent, bright and clean, good linearity, no dust, low noise, low loss

Consumption. It is suitable for high-grade acrylic products, precision polishing crystal products, product quality and product efficiency

High, is one of the indispensable equipment for the production of acrylic products manufacturers!

Commercial acrylic diamond polishing machine

The new diamond polishing machine, the acrylic diamond polishing machine is operated automatically by manual operation done development, is the industry pioneer. Novel acrylic diamond polishing machine using diamond tools to acrylic surface precision cutting to a mirror effect, transparency (such as organic glass, and chocolate, light guide plate, crystal blocks)can reach the surface polishing treatment effect, eliminates the traditional polishing process(such as polishing, flame polishing), a machine to save the traditional artificial 10-20, is environmental protection and labor saving.

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